Autocross + Off-Track Insurance from Lockton Motorsports provides coverage on and off the track for an entire autocross season.

This annual policy will cover physical damage to street-licensed or non-street licensed vehicles on the course. It also includes protection off the track for your trailer, parts and other race-related equipment while in transit, storage or the paddock.

This policy also has the option to cover non-street licensed vehicles off the track while in transit, storage or the paddock.

Included coverage:

  • Physical damage while your vehicle is competing in autocross events
  • Physical damage while your car is being stored or transported (only applies to non-licensed vehicles)
  • Damage during the loading or unloading process
  • Theft of your vehicle, trailer and equipment

Autocross + Off-Track from Lockton Motorsports covers an unlimited number of events during your policy term. As an added convenience, policy holders won’t have to schedule events for coverage to apply.

Autocross vs. Track Day Insurance  
While track day insurance from Lockton Motorsports also covers damage to street-licensed and non-licensed vehicles while participating in an HPDE or time trial events, there are a few key differences.

Autocross + Off-Track provides coverage for the entire season, and you don’t have to schedule your events. Track day coverage can be purchased before each event, up until the moment you drive your car on the track.

Track day coverage does not include Off-Track coverage, but it can always be added under a separate policy.

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