3 Convenient Choices

Motorsports enthusiasts have needs. We have options.
Our HPDE Policy options provide on-track insurance that covers what standard auto insurance won't - damage to your car when you're participating in a HPDE, Track Day, or Time Trial event from the time you enter the grounds of a racecourse to the time you leave.



Street-licensed cars and non-licensed track or race cars

An Agreed Value basis to ensure that your vehicle is insured for the appropriate value.

Modifications you’ve made to your car

2 drivers at each event at no additional charge

Your instructor if he/she drives your car for demonstration laps

Liability is not covered


HPDE single-event policies provide physical damage coverage for your vehicle while you’re participating in a HPDE or track day event. It’s the perfect insurance solution if you participate in five events or less per year.


Lockton Motorsports now offers insurance that covers your car while you compete for the best lap time during an approved Time Trial event. 


  • 6
    Event Pack
    10% savings
  • 9
    Event Pack
    12% savings
  • 12
    Event Pack
    15% savings
  • 15
    Event Pack
    18% savings
We also offer annual HPDE insurance policy options that provide coverage at a discounted rate for multiple events in a policy year. Four different options allow you to choose a package that matches your level of activity in HPDE events.  This annual policy allows you to schedule covered events as your plans change throughout the season.  While our multi-event policy option provides significant premium savings for the avid enthusiast, it is important to know this is a fully-earned/non-refundable policy.  


Meeting your individual insurance needs

  1. HPDE Insurance

    Make sure your vehicle is covered when participating in a high-performance driver’s education (HPDE) event, including autocross and time trial.

  2. Off-Track Insurance

    This insurance policy provides physical damage coverage for your dedicated track vehicle, trailer, equipment and tools while stored or transported.

  3. Autocross Off-Track Insurance Coverage

    An all-in-one package covering equipment, parts, trailer and damage incurred during an autocross event. Equipment, parts and trailer must be entered to be covered.

  4. Event Organizer Insurance

    Protect participants and yourself at your next event with insurance policies tailored to the needs of event organizers.

  5. PCA Racing Insurance

    Coverage available for PCA Club Racing events. Rather than insuring the full vehicle value, participants have the option to purchase coverage to cover the typical damage sustained.

  6. Track Owner Insurance

    Safeguard your track, structures, business property and your income with comprehensive, competitively priced coverage.

  7. Collector Car Insurance

    Lockton Motorsports, partnering with industry-leader Chubb, provides maximum protection for your classic or collector car