Off-Track Insurance


Off-Track Insurance from Lockton Motorsports

With Off-Track Insurance, your track or race car is covered from damage and theft while in storage, in transit and in the paddock.

This annual policy coverage is for non-licensed vehicles only, and offers additional coverage options for your trailer, equipment and tools.

Protect your motorsports investment all season with Lockton Motorsports Off-Track Insurance coverage whenever you are traveling to HPDE, time trial, and track day events.

What’s covered

Physical damage while your car is stored or transported

Loss of damage from trailer overturn

Damage during the loading or unloading process

Theft of your vehicle, trailer and equipment


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If you have any questions about obtaining or servicing your insurance, please complete the form or call us at (866) 582-4957, Monday through Friday, 7 AM to 5:30 PM (CST).