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Most auto insurers exclude coverage for HPDE events. Review your current auto insurance policy or contact your agent to determine if your car is covered on the track. If not, you will need HPDE Insurance to protect your car from damage while on the track.

Yes, coverage is automatically extended to an additional driver participating in an event with you. Coverage for more than two drivers is not available at this time.

Yes. Our HPDE policy provides coverage while an HPDE Instructor is driving your vehicle.

Off-Track Insurance covers non-licensed vehicles from damage and theft while in storage, in transit and in the paddock with options to add your trailer, equipment and tools.

Vehicles licensed for street use are eligible under our Autocross Insurance Policy. Autocross covers both street and non-street legal vehicles. If you participate in HPDE or Time Trial events, we offer coverage for street-licensed vehicles under our HPDE policy.

With Off-Track, your vehicle is covered everywhere, except when it is on a racing surface or operating under its own power. It is covered under its own power when you are unloading it and loading it from a trailer.

Oval (paved and dirt), road-course and drag strips are eligible. Unfortunately, we do not offer coverage for sand drag strips and motocross facilities at this time.

Yes. We offer coverage to organizations ranging from small organizers doing three motorsport events a year to national clubs that organize thousands of events each year.

Policy features and details

You determine the value of your vehicle at the time you purchase your policy. If your vehicle suffers a covered total loss, you won’t have to worry about haggling over the value of your vehicle.

Our HPDE policy utilizes a percentage deductible that is applied to the Agreed Value you select, not the percentage of repairs. For example, if you select a 10% deductible for a vehicle valued at $50,000, the deductible would be $5,000.

10% deductible
$2,000 minimum for cars valued less than $100,000

15% deductible
$3,500 minimum for cars valued less than $100,000

Competition Vehicles: 2% ($500 minimum, $2,000 Maximum) Trailers: 2% ($500 minimum, $2,000 Maximum) Tools: $1,000 Spares/Parts: $1,000

Contact us at (866) 582-4957 to cancel your policy.


If the event you purchased coverage for is cancelled or you are unable to attend, we can refund your premium (minus administration fees). Request a signed statement from the event organizer stating you did not participate in the event. Contact Lockton Motorsports and we’ll handle the rest.

Visit our Claim Forms page. Complete online, or download a PDF, complete it and email to [email protected].

You will need your insurance policy number, personal information, event information and incident information.

Within minutes of completing your online purchase, you policy will be emailed to you.

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If you have any questions about obtaining or servicing your insurance, please complete the form or call us at (866) 582-4957, Monday through Friday, 7 AM to 5:30 PM (CST).