Even when your car’s off the track, it’s still on our radar.

Off-Track Insurance covers your dedicated track or race car, with optional coverage for trailer and other equipment and tools while in storage, in transit and in the paddock. These annual policies protect you from damage and theft.

Off-Track Insurance doesn’t cover street legal cars, nor does it cover your vehicle while on the track. (If your vehicle is street legal, Autocross Off-Track coverage below may be a better option—Autocross covers both street and non-street legal vehicles)

Applying for Off-Track Insurance couldn’t be faster or simpler: you can sign up online in minutes. 


Physical damage while your car is being stored or transported

Trailer overturn

Damage during the loading or unloading process

Theft of your vehicle, trailer and equipment




You negotiate the course. We’ll make sure you’re covered.

Your autocross vehicle, trailer and equipment are also protected under our affordable Off-Track Insurance. When selecting this option, the policy provides coverage for your entire autocross season.

Autocross Off-Track Insurance is an annual policy that covers physical damage for your car, trailer, parts, and other race-related equipment.   Street-licensed vehicles are only eligible for on-track coverage during autocross events, and non-street licensed vehicles are eligible for both on-track coverage and off-track coverage that provide coverage while the vehicle is stored or being transported.


Physical damage while your vehicle is participating in autocross events

Physical damage while your car is being stored or transported
(only applies to non-licensed vehicles)

Damage during the loading or unloading process

Theft of your vehicle, trailer and equipment


Meeting your individual insurance needs

  1. HPDE Insurance

    Make sure your vehicle is covered when participating in a high-performance driver’s education (HPDE) event, including autocross and time trial.

  2. Off-Track Insurance

    This insurance policy provides physical damage coverage for your dedicated track vehicle, trailer, equipment and tools while stored or transported.

  3. Autocross Off-Track Insurance Coverage

    An all-in-one package covering equipment, parts, trailer and damage incurred during an autocross event. Equipment, parts and trailer must be entered to be covered.

  4. Event Organizer Insurance

    Protect participants and yourself at your next event with insurance policies tailored to the needs of event organizers.

  5. PCA Racing Insurance

    Coverage available for PCA Club Racing events. Rather than insuring the full vehicle value, participants have the option to purchase coverage to cover the typical damage sustained.

  6. Track Owner Insurance

    Safeguard your track, structures, business property and your income with comprehensive, competitively priced coverage.

  7. Collector Car Insurance

    Lockton Motorsports, partnering with industry-leader Chubb, provides maximum protection for your classic or collector car