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Staying Cool at the Track

Originally published July 14, 2020. Last updated June 17, 2024.

As you schedule track days this summer, don’t forget to keep the forecast in mind. High summer temps and humidity paired with increased temperatures in the car and on the blacktop can quickly turn an otherwise enjoyable day dangerous.

Yet, with the right gear and preparation, you can stay safe in the heat.

Tips for

June 20th, 2024|HPDE, Motorsports Safety, Motorsports Tips|

Minimize the Risk of Vehicle Fires at the Track

Originally published August 27, 2020. Last updated May 17, 2024.

You hate to see vehicle fires at the track, but it’s even worse when it’s your vehicle that catches fire. Track environments are challenging, pushing vehicles to their limits and leaving drivers little time and space to respond to emergencies.

For track day participants, knowing what preventative steps you can take ahead of time

What Is a Snell-Rated Helmet and Why Do You Need One?

You don’t need much to get started in motorsports. A working car, a driver’s license and a Snell-rated helmet will pave the way for more than a few beginner HPDE events in your local area. But what exactly is a Snell-rated helmet and why do you need one to participate in HPDE?

The Snell-rated or Snell-certified helmet is the gold

September 26th, 2022|Motorsports Safety, Motorsports Tips|

Handling the Risk of Trailer Accidents

Some motorsports participants are lucky enough to live just down the street from their favorite track. Getting their track car to an event is almost as easy as a regular workday commute. But most of us aren’t that geographically lucky.

For many participants, getting the car to the track can take hours and cover hundreds of miles. It’s not the kind of trip

December 8th, 2020|Motorsports Safety, Uncategorized|

How to Safely Handle a Crash

Behind the wheel, confidence is key to staying in the zone because there’s no time for “what-ifs” when you need your skill and experience to carry you through. However, when your event is over and you’re out of the driver’s seat, it’s not a bad idea to think about how to safely handle a crash.

If you drive long enough, sooner or later

December 9th, 2019|Motorsports Safety, Motorsports Tips|