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Getting More Out of Your HPDE Experience

Originally published July 12, 2019. Last updated July 15, 2024.

Most people get in a car to reach a destination, but with HPDE, it’s about the journey of getting there. An HPDE experience at the track is like nothing else. You get to drive on some of the most famous tracks in motorsports history, learn the true capabilities of your own car and

July 15th, 2024|First Timers Tips, HPDE, Motorsports Tips|

Staying Cool at the Track

Originally published July 14, 2020. Last updated June 17, 2024.

As you schedule track days this summer, don’t forget to keep the forecast in mind. High summer temps and humidity paired with increased temperatures in the car and on the blacktop can quickly turn an otherwise enjoyable day dangerous.

Yet, with the right gear and preparation, you can stay safe in the heat.

Tips for

June 20th, 2024|HPDE, Motorsports Safety, Motorsports Tips|

HPDE Flags You Need to Know

Originally published August 29, 2019. Last updated April 15, 2024.

An excerpt from The HPDE 1st-Timer’s Guide, written by Ryan Staub and Ross Bentley.

If you are new to HPDE, learning the flags is a great place to start. HPDE organizers use a variety of flags to communicate important information to drivers on the track. Each flag has a specific meaning,

April 15th, 2024|First Timers Tips, HPDE|

What Is High Performance Driving Really About?

The world of High Performance Driver Education (HPDE) can be one of the most, if not the most, fun learning experiences of your life.

HPDE is really a type of journey, where the E (education) plays the biggest role. But what about the H-P-D? Just what are you getting yourself into with High Performance Driving?

That’s the topic today, where we take a high-level

April 5th, 2023|HPDE, Motorsports Tips, Uncategorized|

HPDE Tips: How to Drive the Perfect Line

When you first start driving on track, you’ll probably feel a bit overwhelmed. There’s always a lot going on — from the other cars in front and behind you to working the pedals smoothly and knowing where to aim the car.

HPDE instructors know a track day can be overwhelming, which is why you’ll focus on first things first, which always includes learning

August 2nd, 2022|HPDE, Motorsports Tips|

HPDE Tips: Choosing a Track Car

Motorsports offers a truly unique opportunity to drive your own car on the same tracks that Formula One champions and Indy 500 winners race on. That’s a perk where no other sport can really compete. But it also results in many new motorsports enthusiasts wondering what kind of car is needed to drive on a track.

While it’s true that almost any car

June 28th, 2022|HPDE, Motorsports Tips|

HPDE Guide to Personal Auto Policy Exclusions

“Always read the fine print” is good advice, especially when it comes to your personal auto policy. Ordinary car insurance covers your vehicle under a wide range of conditions, but it doesn’t cover everything. Quite often, a personal auto policy excludes coverage for HPDE, track days, time trials and other events where you take your car on a race track. Here’s a

April 22nd, 2022|HPDE, Motorsports Insurance|

HPDE Event Packing List

An excerpt from The HPDE 1st-Timer’s Guide, written by Ryan Staub and Ross Bentley.

“What to pack?” may be the eternal question. Whether you’re going on vacation, a business trip or your first-ever HPDE event, it’s hard to know what to bring and you’re bound to forget something you need. But there’s one trick that works just as well for

November 29th, 2021|First Timers Tips, HPDE, Motorsports Tips|

Pre-Event HPDE Expectations for First Timers

An excerpt from The HPDE 1st-Timer’s Guide, written by Ryan Staub and Ross Bentley.


The first time you attend an HPDE track event, it can feel a bit like your first day of school. You may not be sure what to do or where to go, on top of already being excited, nervous and eager to make the

September 28th, 2021|First Timers Tips, HPDE|

The Right HPDE Approach

An excerpt from The HPDE 1st-Timer’s Guide, written by Ryan Staub and Ross Bentley.

Few things in life compare to driving fast in a great car on a world-famous track with your friends cheering you on. Yet the real secret to HPDE is the trip, not the destination. With the right HPDE approach, you’ll be focusing on 4

July 1st, 2021|First Timers Tips, HPDE|