What do you like most about HPDE events? Is it the comradery or is it driving on the limit of adhesion? The HPDE community is a growing group of enthusiasts who share a common passion for high-performance driving. I have noticed the growth of the community all over the United States from attending HPDE events. There is a common question that I am being asked – how do I make the most out of my HPDE experience? I can say that this question is coming from drivers from an array of experience levels. Whether you’re new to the HPDE world or a long-time track junkie, I would recommend the following to make sure you’re getting the most out of your HPDE experience:

  1. Make friends – When you’re in the paddock have a conversation or two, and I would suggest attending any group dinners associated with the event—you’ll meet great people that share your passion!
  2. Get rides – If you’re offered a ride-along from an instructor, take them up on it. Riding with an instructor helps you to see and experience the skills you’re working to develop.
  3. Don’t skip class – If the event offers a classroom portion, make sure to attend. The mixture of classroom education on the physics and approach to high-performance driving combined with on-track instruction will ensure you have the best learning experience possible.
  4. Observe other drivers – Make sure you take some time to watch the other groups on the track.
  5. Study – Memorize the track map so you’re not guessing if the next turn is a fast or slow, or left or right.
  6. Mental preparation – Run laps in your head. This will help you know your plan on how to handle certain aspects of the track.

I hope that these tips will help you enhance your HPDE experience, and as always, we hope to see soon. If you have any questions about HPDE, or about Motorsports Insurance, we’re always here to help you on and off the track.

Ryan Staub
Motorsports Practice Leader