When participating in HPDE, it’s important to protect yourself and your car. Just like you wouldn’t participate without a helmet, you shouldn’t participate without the right HPDE coverage.

You may think you are covered under your normal car insurance, but auto insurance companies often have key exclusions that eliminate coverage when you take your car on a race track.

At Lockton Motorsports, we’re committed to making sure you have the protection you need when participating in HPDE or Time Trial events. That’s why we have developed HPDE insurance products. Whether you are planning to participate in one event or 15 events this year, Lockton Motorsports has the coverage you need.

HPDE Insurance Coverage

HPDE Insurance provides physical damage coverage for your vehicle while you’re participating in a HPDE or track day event. It covers:

  • Street-licensed cars and non-licensed track or race cars
  • Two drivers at each event at no additional charge
  • Your instructor if he or she drives demonstration laps
  • Modifications you’ve made to your car
  • An Agreed Value Basis so there’s no arguments in the case of a total loss

Through this HPDE policy, you can schedule events throughout the year, as your plans change. You can even buy coverage up until the moment you drive your vehicle on the track. Simply purchase online and you will be covered for the remainder of the event.

Learn more about our HPDE coverage offerings here.