If you have a dedicated track car, you’re probably very aware of the time and money you have in it — as well as the risks it faces from damage on the track. HPDE Insurance is the go-to solution to protect your track car during the season. But what about when the season’s over?

While the risks are different when you’re not driving it, a track car is still vulnerable in the off-season. Off-Track Insurance offers a simple and affordable way to protect a motorsports vehicle when it is not on the track. Here’s a look at what off-track insurance is and what it covers.

What Is Off-Track Insurance?

Off-Track Insurance is a specialty coverage designed to protect dedicated track cars. It’s an annual policy made especially for non-licensed vehicles that are ineligible for street-legal forms of car insurance. The other big difference with Off-Track coverage is in the name — this coverage protects your motorsports vehicle when it is not on the track participating in an event.

Specifically, Off-Track provides coverage for your car from damage and theft while it is:

  • In storage
  • In transit
  • In the paddock

Plus, Off-Track also covers trailer overturn and damage occurring during the loading and unloading process, for when you’re ready to get back out there for the next season. Additional coverage options for your trailer, equipment and tools are also available.

Combined with HPDE Insurance, which provides protection against damage on the track during events, Off-Track offers valuable coverage to more fully protect your motorsports investment from the risks you face.

What Kinds of Risks Does Off-Track Cover?

It’s easy to understand the risk your car faces as it zips around your favorite track at 100 MPH or more. Yet even when you’re not driving it, some risk remains. Out of sight and out of mind, cars can face a number of common yet serious hazards, including:

  • Fire damage
  • Water damage
  • Storm damage
  • Animal damage
  • Theft and more

In the driveway. In the garage. In a trailer. In storage. No matter how safe a spot you pick, there’s still a chance your track car could get damaged or broken into in the off-season. To fully protect it, you’ll need the coverage Off-Track can provide.

Why Is Off-Track Insurance Needed?

Insurance to protect your track car and trailer is not only nice to have, it’s some of the most important protection available for your motorsports investment. Here’s why:

  1. Your car could get damaged in storage or while being transported. Fire, water, storms and animals can come into contact with stored vehicles and cause a lot of damage, while improperly secured vehicles can also become damaged during transit.
  2. Your trailer could overturn on the road, possibly while carrying your car. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration data shows more than 50,000 accidents occur each year while towing. Overturns can easily total vehicles.
  3. Your car, trailer or both could be damaged during a load or unload. The margin for error is often very small during loads and unloads, which means that a miscalculation of just a few inches could lead to costly damages.
  4. It’s rare but it happens. Your car, trailer and equipment could be stolen. In 1969, Roger Penske’s Chevrolet Lola was stolen on his tow home from Sebring. It was recovered with heavy damage. Break-ins can also happen in storage.

With Off-Track Insurance from Lockton Motorsports, you are protected against these risks and more. Coverage for the whole year is available now and signup is fast and easy. Click here to get started with Off-Track Insurance.