MotorSport Ranch is a first of its kind country club for HPDE motoring enthusiasts located in Cresson, Texas, about 14 miles south of Fort Worth. The 304-acre facility features three road racing courses for sports cars, race cars and motorcycles.

History of MotorSport Ranch

MotorSport Ranch pioneered the concept of combining a country club with a racetrack, in place of the typical golf course. The idea for the Ranch was born after owner Jack Farr attended his first performance driving school in 1995. Thrilled with his new hobby but disappointed by the lack of a local track, Farr decided to build his own.

Farr initially found hundreds of people interested in his HPDE country club idea but struggled to secure traditional financing. After a personal investment of $1.2 million and later backing by other early club members, MotorSport Ranch opened with five founding members in 1999.

The Ranch initially featured a 1.7-mile track with 11 turns and 30 feet of elevation changes. Later, a 1.3-mile course was added featuring seven turns and over 70 feet of elevation change. The two courses can be combined to create a 3.1-mile circuit, one of the longest in North America. All three tracks are 40 feet wide and can be run either clockwise or counterclockwise.

Today, MotorSport Ranch features a clubhouse with observation deck, a covered grid pad for 20 cars, a nearly 1-acre skid pad, 300 garages for members, a pro shop, meeting rooms and other amenities. The country club boasts more than 400 members and also plays host to major auto manufacturers and car club events.

MotorSport Ranch Fun Facts

  • The Ranch succeeded in opening a track in the Dallas-Fort Worth area where as many as 20 previous attempts over the years had failed.
  • Before MotorSport Ranch, the nearest tracks were in College Station and Tulsa.
  • Thanks to warm weather, the facility offers 40 weekends a year of track time.
  • After it was built, the Ranch complex was annexed by the city of Cresson, which grew more than 20 percent as a result.
  • With the success of the Ranch, three other HPDE country clubs have opened in Pennsylvania, Virginia, and Illinois.


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