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History of Porsche
Since the release of its first sports car in 1949, Porsche has been a leader in motorsports.

The company began in 1930 when Professor Ferdinand Porsche built the first gasoline-electric hybrid vehicle. His company designed and built the first Volkswagen before releasing the Porsche 356.

The car featured a boxer engine mounted behind the rear axle – a Porsche design trait that continues to this day in the 911. The rear-engine layout gave the cars the unique handling characteristics that so many Porsche owners love.

About The Porsche Club of America
In 1955, the Porsche Club of America was formed – serving as a support system for North American Porsche owners. If members had issues with their cars, Porsche would hear about them through the club. After a petition by members, the automaker recognized PCA, establishing a long-running relationship that continues to benefit both Porsche and club members today.

PCA has experienced an unparalleled growth in members and the quality of its events and services. The club has grown to include 144 Regions across North America with over 116,000 members.

Upcoming PCA Events:
Porsche has been very successful in many branches of motorsports, from long distance races to rallies and HPDE events. Get involved at the upcoming PCA events:

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