There are 3 HPDE questions that we are asked frequently. We wanted to share these questions along with their answers to help educate the HPDE community.

1. I thought my auto policy covers my car where ever I drive, is this true?

Most auto insurance companies have key exclusions that eliminate coverage when you take your car on a race track. When you’re reviewing your policy exclusions, be on the lookout for terms like “on a surface used for racing,” “at a racetrack facility” or “in a performance driving event”.

2. Under a HPDE policy, does my coverage protect more than one driver?

From our experience, we know many participants involved in HPDE events share their cars, and we’ve built our coverage to include this. Be sure to list any anticipated drivers on your HPDE Insurance policy, and you’ll all be covered drivers for the event. Your car will also have protection for any demonstration laps your instructor drives, but listing them is not required. All of these benefits are included at no extra charge.

3. My event is tomorrow. Can I still get an on-track policy?

We have some great news! You can buy HPDE coverage from Lockton Motorsports up until the moment you drive your vehicle on the track. Simply purchase online and you will be covered for the remainder of the event.