Like everything else, HPDE events across the country have been affected by the COVID-19 health crisis and government stay-at-home orders. Many events have been cancelled or postponed, disappointing drivers who were looking forward to their next track day.

Yet while the situation is frustrating, unexpected setbacks also offer an opportunity to continue to prepare and improve, so that when events are back on, you and your car will be at your very best. Here are five HPDE activities to help:

HPDE activities: Check for Updates

If you haven’t already, visit the website or Facebook page for your local track. Most have posted COVID-19 updates about delays, closures, schedule changes and safety procedures. Across the country, most track offices are closed, and upcoming events have been cancelled or postponed. Here are the notices from a few popular tracks:

But take note, because many HPDE, track days and race events that were due to take place in spring have been rescheduled for fall. Check racetrack, car club, and event organizer websites to learn of any rescheduled dates. Once new dates are released and registration opens, we encourage you to register early. There is a lot of demand building with the shorter driving season, so events are sure to fill up quickly.

HPDE activities: Clean out the Garage

If you find yourself with extra free time, consider using it to clean out the garage. This chore seems to stay at the bottom of to-do lists. Tools don’t end up where they belong, junk piles up and equipment gets in the way.

Use this opportunity to get the garage race-ready for summer. Organize your tools and equipment. Take junk to the curb. Clean equipment and find a place for it. Check the trailer and get any maintenance out of the way so you’re ready to get the car to the track.

HPDE activities: Tune up the Car

With the anticipation of getting to the track as soon as the weather gets nice, many drivers don’t usually start a major project this time of year. But now you have extra time and the chance to make good use of it.

Complete any car repairs needed now so your vehicle will be HPDE-ready for race day. This is also a great opportunity to go ahead and do the improvements you had been planning on already.

HPDE activities: Learn Something New

Use the time you’d normally be at the track to learn a new track from the comfort of home. Choose a track you’ve always wanted to drive and dig in. Look online for track maps and study the course. Find in-car videos from other drivers on YouTube to watch. Read track descriptions by experts for insight. You can even try track simulator rigs, which range from simple racing wheel controllers to pro track day simulators.


As a HPDE driver, you know that with progress always comes with its share of setbacks. Delays and cancellations are disappointing but staying safe and healthy is important so you can enjoy your next track day together with friends and family.

Take the opportunity to clean up around the garage, tune up the car, or work on your knowledge and skills. And once your local track reopens for track day, be sure you’re protected with track day insurance. Save time and reduce stress by getting the coverage you need before your next event.