Do you share your car at the track? Whether you share your car with your best friend, sibling, significant other or teammate, Lockton Motorsports has the coverage you need to protect your vehicle, even when multiple people drive it.

With an HPDE Insurance policy from Lockton Motorsports, two drivers are automatically covered at each event. This means you don’t have to buy a second policy to cover your car while your partner is driving. When purchasing insurance, simply add your driving partner to your policy to ensure their coverage. Even if you don’t share your car with a partner now, it is nice benefit to know you have access to, should you ever wish to add a driving partner in the future.

This policy also automatically extend coverage for your instructor and any demonstration laps they do at the track.

For more information about the benefits of HPDE Insurance from Lockton Motorsports, contact us at or 866.582.4957.