NCM Motorsports Park is located in what many call the Corvette capital of the world—Bowling Green, Kentucky. Right next door is the National Corvette Museum and the Corvette-producing GM Bowling Green Assembly Plant. The 200-acre facility features five road racing circuit configurations for sports cars, race cars and motorcycles.

History of NCM Motorsports Park

Leaders at the National Corvette Museum in Bowling Green first had the idea of building a racing track in 2007. Museum Executive Director Wendell Strode recognized the growing enthusiasm of the HPDE community and felt a track where visitors could experience the thrill of driving a Corvette could one day complete their museum experience.

Bowling Green had been a Corvette destination since 1981 when GM opened a Corvette plant, which has produced every Corvette made since then. Members of the National Corvette Restorers Society created a small storefront museum to the Corvette near the plant in 1990, which quickly expanded.

Plans for a track got serious when a nearby rural landowner offered to sell 50 acres to the museum. Eventually a total of 184 acres were purchased for the project. Expert track designers were brought in, including Alan Wilson of Miller Motorsports Park, NOLA Motorsports Park and Barber Motorsports Park, and Steve Crawford, of Thunder Hill and Ridge Motorsports Park.

NCM Motorsports Park opened in 2014 with a twin circuit arrangement of a two-mile, 13-turn West course and a one-mile, 10-turn East course. The tracks can be combined into multiple configurations. The first phase of the racing course construction cost $20 million, with further expansion of the track and museum in the works.

NCM Motorsports Park Fun Facts

  • Both the East and West circuit tracks feature technical turns, straights and elevation changes.
  • The track layout is designed with challenging features inspired by the famous La Sarthe in Le Mans, France.
  • The East and West circuits can combine into a 3.15-mile Grand Full Course that features a 2300-ft. main straight and challenging technical turns.
  • A 1.97-mile Le Mans Loop configuration features a 4000-ft. Mulsanne Straight with a Mulsanne Kink and Corner.
  • A 2.87-mile Grand Max Straight circuit combines a 4000-ft. main straight with a winding technical section.
  • The NCM Motorsports facilities feature its own onsite fueling station with 87, 89, 93, 98, and 100 unleaded octane, plus 110 leaded octane and diesel.
  • The track offers multiple HPDE driving events, plus Corvette ride-alongs with track professionals.

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