proformance racing school

ProFormance Racing School has become a leader in the driving industry by providing a variety of quality high performance and competition driving courses for students of all skill levels. Lockton Motorsports is thrilled to partner with ProFormance, where the staff are teachers, the subject is cars and the students are private individuals, groups and corporations.

The following insurance programs are available for ProFormance Racing School members:


Today you’ll find that most auto insurance policies no longer cover you for HPDE and similar track events. Lockton Motorsports insurance gives you the peace of mind of knowing that your car is protected on the track.

What’s Covered

Insures  you for physical damage to your car that takes place during a high-performance driver’s education (HPDE) event.
Coverage begins when you enter the grounds of the race course and extends until you leave.
Liability insurance coverage is NOT included in this policy.


Even when your car’s off the track, it’s still on our radar.

Off-Track Insurance covers your dedicated track car, trailer and other equipment and tools while in storage, in transit and in the paddock. This special coverage protects you from damage and theft. Best of all, it only takes minutes to buy online.