Lockton Motorsports is pleased to partner with Hooked on Driving (HOD). Thanks to HOD’s intense focus on safety and education, all HOD participants receive a 10% discount on Lockton's single-event coverage for HPDE events. You can find Hooked on Driving events on our Events page.


If you read your standard auto insurance policy terms, you’ll probably find that it does not cover you for HPDE and similar events. Over the past ten years, most auto insurance companies have been excluding DEs and other track events from their coverage. With Lockton Motorsports insurance, you can be certain that your car is protected on the track.

What’s Covered

Physical damage to your vehicle that happens during a high-performance driver’s education (HPDE) event.
Covers you from the time you enter the race course venue and until you leave the grounds.
Does NOT include liability insurance coverage.