Website Maintenance

The Lockton Motorsports website will be out of commission for a brief period starting Friday, March 23rd. While the website is down, you will not be able to access your account or purchase any policies.
If you are planning to participate in an HPDE or track day event this week, you must purchase a policy or download your policy documents by Thursday, March 22. If you do not take action by Thursday, you must wait until Monday, March 26th to access the Lockton Motorsports website.
For immediate concerns, please email


Chin Track Days offers more tracks, a larger calendar and more events than any other private track event provider in the United States. With Chin Track Days, enthusiasts can enjoy their cars and receive driver education at some legendary road courses like Sebring, Road Atlanta, Watkins Glen, Mid-Ohio, VIR and more.

Lockton Motorsports is honored to partner with Chin Track Days, a leading provider of non-competition track events for sports car enthusiasts.


Today you’ll find that most auto insurance policies no longer cover you for HPDE and similar track events. Lockton Motorsports insurance gives you the peace of mind of knowing that your car is protected on the track.

What’s Covered

Insures you for physical damage to your car that takes place during a high-performance driver’s education (HPDE) event.
Coverage begins when you enter the grounds of the race course and extends until you leave.
Liability insurance coverage is NOT included in this policy.