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The importance of insurance

Motorsports can be a pricey hobby. Luckily, there’s insurance to protect your investment. Lockton Motorsports offers insurance to cover your car, trailer, equipment and more.


HPDE Insurance

Whether you drive a new BMW 3 Series, a vintage Porsche 911 or a work-in-progress Mazda, ensure your car is protected from physical damage while you’re participating in HPDE or track day events.


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Track maps

From learning The Boot at Watkins Glen or The Corkscrew at Laguna Seca, a high quality track map can make all the difference in preparing for an event.


About Lockton Motorsports

Whether you need helpful track resources, comprehensive insurance coverage or an efficient claims process, we’re here to help. As motorsports enthusiasts ourselves, we do things right.

In our first 10 years of providing consistent and reliable insurance solutions to the motorsports community, we’ve paid out more than $10 million in claims.

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