Wearing the right safety equipment can enhance your race day experience and safety.​ Follow these tips to find the safety equipment that fits your needs on and off the track.

Gloves – Many drivers recommend gloves because they assure your grip on the steering wheel, even if your hands are sweaty. Look for a strong and durable glove with a suede leather palm for maximum grip on the wheel.

Helmet – Always check your association/track rule book to determine what helmet specifications are required. Nearly all organizations require buying a Snell Sports Application certified helmet. The Snell Foundation tests helmets at the highest standard in the industry.

Eyewear – Some events require eye protection. Pick your preference between a face shield, goggles or safety glasses.

Clothing – Choose clothing made of natural fibers, like cotton or wool. Natural fibers are breathable and less flammable than synthetic fibers. If you’re concerned about the possibility of fire, consider flame-resistant garments. Some drivers wear fire-resistant underwear beneath their cotton pants and shirts while others opt for full multi-layer driver suits. Visit The SFI Foundation for a complete list of driver suits that meet motorsports safety standards.

Don’t forget a change of clothes for before and after your event. Layers are always good for fluctuating temperatures and activities.

Shoes – Closed-toed, rubber soled shoes. Make sure your shoes fit snugly and the soles are thin enough not to get caught on the pedals.

Always look for safety equipment that is approved by organizations like SFI and Snell. Happy shopping!