Lockton Motorsports is happy to offer affordable insurance coverage to SCCA members participating in Track Night in America events. The great safety record that SCCA brings to the table—along with the relatively short duration of Track Night in America events—means you can get a significant discount for a single-event policy compared to regular HPDE events. Find a schedule of upcoming Track Night in America events on our Events page.


It’s important to know that most standard auto insurance companies’ coverage excludes DEs and other events that take place on a track. Lockton Motorsports was created specifically for motorsports enthusiasts like you who want their cars protected during high-performance driving.

What’s Covered

Damage to your car when you’re participating in a Track Night in America event.
Your insurance coverage goes from the time you enter the grounds of a race course until you exit the premises.
Liability insurance coverage is NOT included.


Even when your car’s off the track, it’s still on our radar.

Off-Track Insurance covers your dedicated track car, trailer and other equipment and tools while in storage, in transit and in the paddock. This special coverage protects you from damage and theft. Best of all, it only takes minutes to buy online.