Whether you’re a novice or a pro, there is always room for improvement on the track. Now that the off season is upon on us, devote some time to improve skills for the 2018 season. Try these tips:

Before you can improve skills, reflect on your strengths and weaknesses. Be honest with yourself. Did you struggle with your footwork the past season? Do you tend to understeer at turn-in? Use the off season to work on your weaknesses and stay fresh on your strengths.

Study Data
Data is one of the most valuable tools to improve from season to season and even event to event. By looking at just a few parameters from your past season (RPM, speed, steering angle and throttle position), many conclusions can be made about your performance. If you did not have a data acquisition system (DAS) in place last year, think about using one of the simple phone-based systems like Harry’s Laptimer.

Simulation Racing
Available at every price point, sim racing is a great way to keep your skills fresh during the break. Use sim racing as a safe off-track venue to try new techniques like left-foot braking, or to learn a new track for the upcoming season.

Hire a Coach / Attend a Driving School
Athletes in every sport have a coach, so why not motorsports? Hearing constructive criticism and getting an outsider’s view on your strengths and weaknesses can be helpful. While each coaching and driving program is
different, their goals will be to improve your driving.

Attend a Seminar or eCourse
Hiring a coach and attending a driving school can be expensive and time consuming. Browse the internet for online instruction you can do at your own pace in the comfort of your home. Our friend, Ross Bentley from Speed Secrets, hosts a variety of webinars each year that can help you improve your driving.

Good luck improving skills in the off season!