How long have you been participating in HPDE events? Do you have any goals? As I was growing up in the HPDE community, I had a few goals I wanted to accomplish. One of my personal goals was to become an HPDE instructor. I wanted to give back to the community that helped me become a better driver. I had dedicated HPDE instructors that helped me develop as a driver, and I wanted to do the same for new drivers coming into the sport.

Being an HPDE instructor is a great honor. It comes with respect, but it also comes with a lot of responsibility. Staying one step ahead at all times, and having a development plan for your students, is critical to ensuring they are safe and consistently improving their driving skills.

There are key characteristics we look for when identifying new instructors for my local car club. One of the top traits is excellent communication skills. Having this trait is critical for providing clear and concise instruction when navigating a racetrack at high speed. The other top trait we look for is the ability to read and adapt to a driver’s personality and learning style. Knowing how to read a student helps you discern your student’s learning style and helps you adjust your training style accordingly.

Fortunately, many organizations have implemented intensive instructor training schools over the last ten years. These programs provide tremendous education and experience to provide new instructors with the tools they need to keep their students safe, and teach them the art of high-performance driving. It’s exciting to see the high-quality of instructors coming out of these programs.

Ryan Staub
Motorsports Practice Leader