Has your driving improvement come to a halt? Most HPDE enthusiasts hit a point where it becomes remarkably difficult to continue improving their performance driving skills. Even with the guidance of an experienced instructor, it can seem to be more and more challenging to recognize the areas where you can proceed to develop.

Professional race teams may spend thousands of dollars on methods to capture data that their drivers can review and examine to identify tendencies and weaknesses in their driving technique.

Today, the budget-minded HPDE driver or racer can purchase a smartphone app such as Harry’s LapTimer for as little as $20.  The app uses the phone’s GPS to provide a fantastic amount of useful data about your laps and sector times. If you own a BMW outfitted with Navigation system Professional, you can download and use the BMW M Laptimer app for free to gather detailed information about your driving performance. There are excellent standalone data loggers available for under $500 (we like the AiM Solo) that can be set up in any car in less than a minute and provide an incredible amount of data.

Or, if you are just looking for tips to help you reach the next level of driving skills, you can check out blogs and books. There are so many written resources that allow you to dive deeper into tips that can help you improve your driving skills. There are also podcasts you can listen too. One of our favorites is Speed Secrets with Ross Bentley.

So, if driving is your passion, improving your performance will never get boring. Due to the technology advances over the past decade, you can now improve your driving at any budget level and learn more about your driving than ever before.