Our products are designed for the needs of motorsport lovers. ‘Cause we’re motorsports buffs ourselves!

Why make Lockton Affinity Motorsports the go-to insurance partner for people who like to go fast?

First, we specialize in policies most insurance agencies don’t offer. From single- and multi-event HPDE and Time Trial policies to off-track protection for racecars and collector car insurance, our products are tailor made for your needs. 

Lockton Motorsports has successfully stuck around because we do things differently. In our first 10 years of providing consistent and reliable insurance solutions to the motorsports community, we’ve paid out more than $10 million in claims. Our focus is on getting our customers back on the track as fast as possible.

We don’t hesitate to step in and help our clients with claims that otherwise would have been denied. As your insurance broker, our goal is to make sure you have the protection you need, and that job doesn’t end until your policy expires.

Our goal is to make getting the policy you need fast and easy. You can buy insurance until 8am the day of the event and still be covered. Or buy a policy online in minutes.

So if you’re looking for a partner who understands the special needs of motorsports enthusiasts, ride with Lockton.

Why spin your wheels with anyone else?


motorsports enthusiasts

When I had an accident a couple years ago, my experience settling the claim and having my Porsche repaired was fantastic.  I tell everyone about it!

Ben Ben FL

I had to cancel as I could not attend due to my mom's funeral and the team was great at getting me a refund. Thanks

Cathy Cathy CA


Meeting your individual insurance needs

  1. HPDE Insurance

    Make sure your vehicle is covered when participating in a high-performance driver’s education (HPDE) event, including autocross and time trial.

  2. Off-Track Insurance

    This insurance policy provides physical damage coverage for your dedicated track vehicle, trailer, equipment and tools while stored or transported.

  3. Autocross Off-Track Insurance Coverage

    An all-in-one package covering equipment, parts, trailer and damage incurred during an autocross event. Equipment, parts and trailer must be entered to be covered.

  4. Event Organizer Insurance

    Protect participants and yourself at your next event with insurance policies tailored to the needs of event organizers.

  5. Track Owner Insurance

    Safeguard your track, structures, business property and your income with comprehensive, competitively priced coverage.

  6. Collector Car Insurance

    Lockton Motorsports, partnering with industry-leader Chubb, provides maximum protection for your classic or collector car