Insurance programs come and go, but Lockton Motorsports has successfully stuck around because we do things differently.  As one of the largest insurance program administrators in the country, we have the underwriting expertise to manage a stable insurance program that customers can count on. In our first 10 years of providing consistent and reliable insurance solutions to the motorsports community, we’ve paid out more than $10 million in claims.

The Start of Lockton Motorsports
Lockton Affinity started the Lockton Motorsports program in 2008. Because several Lockton Affinity employees had and continue to have an active interest in the sport, we quickly discovered a need in the market.

On our team, we have a Chief Driving Instructor for a local Chapter of the BMW CCA, an amateur road-course racer and an HPDE instructor. With this level of involvement, we noticed that personal auto policies started having exclusions targeted at track day events, leaving drivers and their track day cars without the proper insurance.

Lockton Affinity then worked to develop the Lockton Motorsports brand and associated insurance policies to protect track day vehicles, including:

Our Commitment
Since 2008, we have been determined to offer the best insurance paired with a transparent and fair claims process. We know HPDE is more than just a hobby – it’s a lifestyle. That’s why we strive to get our customers back on the track as fast as possible.

We don’t hesitate to step in and help our clients with claims that otherwise would have been denied. As your insurance broker, our goal is to make sure you have the protection you need, and that job doesn’t end until your policy expires. In our policies, we strive to incorporate benefits track day enthusiasts need, like coverage for a second driver on policies at no additional cost, modifications you have made to your car and your instructor if they drive demo laps.

Need to protect your track day car? Learn more about the various policies for track day enthusiasts from Lockton Motorsports.